About Us

Rise Motors is born from the passion for EV vehicles and the belief in a better future. Urban mobility is part of life in fast-paced cities and a cleaner world must be the legacy we pass on to our future generations. With extensive experience in the world of two-wheeled vehicles, Rise motors has created a range of products to suit a variety of situations and tastes.

We specialize in zero-emission transportation for an urban landscape, from scooters, to e-bikes, mopeds and E-motorcycles along with a selection of associated safety equipment and options to customize your chosen product. Rise is in charge of raising your expectations, providing answers that exceed your questions. What puts Rise above the competition are the specifications of our products. When it comes to power, range and versatility, we have all options covered with higher capacity batteries, higher quality controllers and higher power motors, more standard equipment and direct supply and support. Our entire range is at your disposal directly from our website or through our specialized product centers open in the main cities in srilanka as well as europe.

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